Flying The Flag With Catherine

Featuring Catherine Mary Stewart

January 21, 2015
New York City, New York, United States

The story

Catherine is best known for her role as Maggie in the cult favorite science fiction film The Last Starfighter and the apocalyptic, zombie romp Night of the Comet as Reggie where she and her sister manage to survive the elimination of life on earth aside from the obligatory zombies. Perhaps the most commercially successful movie she starred in was the popular and iconic dark comedy Weekend at Bernie’s.

Catherine has a roster of sci/fi, horror and apocalyptic movies on her resume including Nightflyers, World Gone Wild, The Psychic and The Attic.

She also originated the role of Kayla Brady in the long running soap opera Days of Our Lives and has starred in many TV movies and mini series with some of the greatest actors of our time, among them Charles Bronson, Anthony Hopkins, Christopher Reeve, Rod Steiger, Candice Bergen, Celeste Holm, Angie Dickenson and Joan Collins.

More recently Catherine has been busy with both television and film including episodes of White Collar, Limitless plus multiple Lifetime and Hallmark Channel movies. She has just completed work on the pilot episode of the medical drama Death’s Door and the science fiction feature film Imitation Girl.

Among her other projects, she wrote, directed and produced a short film that will be released soon.

For more about her, visit her website.

Fun facts

Catherine was born in Edmonton, Alberta. Both of her parents taught at the University of Alberta.

Her family and work are the things that make her happy.

She has a secret — wait, not so secret — desire to be on Dancing with the Stars.

She started her career as a dancer.

Things that make her angry? Hypocrisy and politics.

Over thirty years into her careers she has been in over 50 different productions, from film to television to theater!

Yes she’s been in horror films, but she says, “honestly, nowadays, because horror movies are so scary, I am too scared to go to most [of them]“.

She doesn’t have a favorite movie, but one of the most “impactful” movies she’s watched is Sophie’s Choice.

She’s been married to investor Richard Allerton since 1992. They have two kids.


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