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Enjoying The Sun With Adam
Featuring Adam Waddell
Musician, Business Owner
June 9, 2013
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Adam, a young business owner with an artistic flair, lives in Calgary with his lovely wife Mandelle and Eva, an adorable canine “hell on wheels”. (Editor’s note: both counts confirmed.) He is a self-taught musician and maintains his musical endeavors with his current band, The Ativans. He also holds a diploma in Theatre Arts, which prompted him to operate his company Star City Painting. Away from work Adam enjoys spending time with his family, a golf game with his dad, a BBQ with friends and a great glass of scotch.

Adam was in a Nickelback video for a brief second. It is like playing Where’s Waldo? Where’s Adam in the “Photograph” video? Hint: he’s wearing a touque.

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