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Dreaming Of Music With Anton
Featuring Anton Atienza
Freelance Publicist, Freelance Stylist
October 25, 2013
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

As a fan of music and an avid concert goer, Anton knew from an early age that he wanted a career in the music and entertainment industry. He dabbled with several pursuits throughout his junior and high school years, from working as a band photographer to a production assistant, until his high school post-secondary adviser pushed him in the direction of public relations. Since then, he knew that a career in this industry was what he wanted. He graduated from Arts and Cultural Management at MacEwan University and has volunteered with the Edmonton Folk Music Festival, Sonic 102.9 FM and recently, Press 2 Play on Shaw TV, Anton is well on his way on making an impact on the national music and entertainment industry.

Anton’s favorite place in the world is New York City. Aside from having family living there, he loves that it is a city that never sleeps. He says: “New York City is constantly evolving. Each time I visit the city, there is always something new to discover but at the same time it still has all my staples that I can turn to. The city is a great place to get lost in and explore. My advice, if you’re ever in the city and you have a day off, or you don’t feel like doing the typical touristy things, go on the subway and get off at each stop and explore the area. You get a great feel of the city and what New York City really has to offer!”
He’s never been to the United Kingdom. Going on a UK tour is something on his bucket list. “There’s something about the UK that I just adore… their culture, people, sights, sounds — nearly everything!”
He’s been privileged to meet many different artists, musicians and personalities but his biggest star-struck moment was meeting Beyonce Knowles in 2007.

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