Cruising With Cristian

Featuring Cristian Perez
Traveller, Civil Engineer

September 7, 2017
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The story

In Cristian’s words:

My name is Cristian Perez, I’m a 29 year old, Australian-born, Chilean-raised, civil engineer who decided to quit my 9-to-5 (in reality 8-to-7) job, to persue my dream to explore this beautiful planet. I leave with no fear what most would consider the perfect job, I choose to detach from the traditional and superficial ways to follow my own path, the path of true freedom and love, living in the now, to help those in need and to learn from different cultures around the world, open to whatever the road may bring.

I have called this personal project Love with No Borders, because I believe humans are beings of love that are meant to spread it to every corner of our planet Earth, a planet that once was and hopefully one day will be borderless again.

Fun facts

As of April 2018, he had traveled over 45,000 km across Canada and the US in nine months. He expects to complete his worldwide travels in five years.

Two of the highlights of his trip have been waking up to a full size buffalo sleeping next to my tent in Yellowstone National Park. And a night of listening to bears and wolves around his tent in Alaska.

One of his most difficult experiences was riding on snow and ice while travelling from Alaska to northern British Columbia in the middle of October. This first experience riding on ice and snow wasn’t helped by all the vehicles that had spun out and ended up in the ditch. With nearly frostbitten fingers, no hand warmers, no heat vest, and completely soaked, he’d stop every few minutes to warm up his hands on the warm exhaust of his motorcycle. For two days he rode through rain, snow, ice and cold weather until he reached the warmth of southern B.C.. He’s promised himself to never ride on snow again.

What he loves about full-time travelling is “being outside of your comfort zone where we all thrive, exploring my limits physically mentally, and spiritually, being in touch with nature, and connecting with strangers all around the world that later become your friends.”


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