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Councilling With Scott
Featuring Councillor Scott McKeen
City Councillor, City of Edmonton
May 1, 2014
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Here’s Scott’s bio:

There once was a boy from Flin Flon
Who eventually grew up in E-town
He wrote for the newspaper
Moved to a short skyscraper
Ran for city council and won


Scott would prefer that his title be “lead guitarist for the newly reformed Led Zeppelin, but neither they nor I have much time. Especially me, since I’d have to get good.” (Editor’s note: you’d also need rocker’s hair… um, ANY hair.)
Two men in his life call him Scooter as a nickname. In each case, they had friends in childhood named Scott who were nicknamed Scooter. So they called him Scooter, though that has never been his nickname. However – and unbeknownst to each of these men at the time of the nicknaming — he rides a Vespa scooter.
He is a “cyclical, attention-deficit” hobbyist. He played golf in childhood and got pretty good. After marrying and raising three kids, he began to golf again four years ago. He was at the driving range most nights and eventually got his game back. The next summer he didn’t golf once. He picked up the guitar -– another childhood hobby. Then it was photography, which he’d been nuts about when he first entered journalism. Today he is a “lousy” golfer, guitarist and photographer. But they remain occasional hobbies.
He is bald. Most people don’t know that.
He is imbued with an outrageous appeal to women. Most women – pretty much all of them — don’t know this.
He was born in Flin Flon, Manitoba (which was named for a science fiction literary character) and moved to Edmonton at age 7. He grew up reading The Edmonton Journal. On August 18, 1986, when he was hired on as a reporter at The Journal, it was “like making it in Hollywood.”
He spent the majority of his years at the newspaper covering city council. Now he’s a city councillor. “I gotta get out more.”
Editor’s note: Scott was not consulted about the making of the word “councillor” into a verb. Miguelito’s Little Green Car has yet to receive a Cease And Desist order, so…

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