Connecting With Blake

Featuring Blake Berglund
Cosmic Cowboy

April 21, 2016
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

The story

Blake left the family ranch long before he ever moved away but as life seems to do, it came around full circle. Touring and writing with various hard rock and pseudo-metal projects his solo attempts at penning compositions started to emulate the styles of Kris Kristofferson and Waylon Jennings. Typical songs of heartache and drinking moved to more of a satirical political nature. Continuing to evolve, his upcoming release (2016/2017) digs into time travel, horses, time travelling horses, and the afterlife.

Blake runs across the country with his band of twangsters, The Vultures, and plays everything from honky-tonks to house concerts, buses to backyards, street corner coffee shops to cowboy clad cabarets. He’s laid back and likes to lean on things. The message is love and the road never ends.

Visit his website at and check out his live video “Word’s Gettin’ Around” below.

Fun facts

Blake experiences synchronicities daily.

He’s sold 10,000 albums door-to-door.

He’s always wanted to be an astronaut and continues to think of ways to achieve this dream.

His favorite movie is Harry and The Hendersons.

Blake would bet his last dollar on Wolverine in a battle against any other super hero.

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