Amy Kemp Miguelito's Little Green Car MLGC Combined 600p

Caricaturing With Amy
Featuring Amy Kemp
Creative Cat, Fitness Enthusiast, Fun-loving Adventure Seeker
February 23, 2013
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

In Amy’s words:

Ever since I was a little kid I’ve always loved to draw cartoons and was always immersed in the arts. My scribblers, binders, and notes were full of doodles that I would draw while listening to music. I remember ignoring my math teacher’s lecture in junior high by making my comic books. Even though I love being a Fitness and Lifestyle Consultant at MacEwan Sport and Wellness, my first love will always be creating, and I’m happy I can keep it as a hobby.  I love what art has to offer. I feel free and grounded when I get to express myself creatively.

For Amy’s awesome band illustrations, see her blog at

[info]You might be tempted to think that the illustration was drawn based on the photo, but you’d be wrong.  The illustration was drawn first.  The photo was a recreation of the illustration.[/info]

This was the illustrated self-portrait that Amy came up with to start the concept:

Amy Kemp Miguelito's Little Green Car MLGC 275p

And this is the photo we shot to recreate and mirror the illustration:

Miguelitos Little Green Car-5761-300p

[info]When she was only three, she choked on a carrot and her lung almost collapsed.[/info] [info]Since 2006, Amy has eaten the same at-home breakfast: a bagel, a banana, and a glass of orange juice or milk.[/info] [info]She is arachnophobic.[/info]

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