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Braving The Cold With Erika
Featuring Erika Luckert
Writer and Photographer
December 2, 2013
On the High Level Bridge
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Erika is a writer, photographer, and student of the arts currently indulging her fascination with Edmonton. She has lived in the city all her life, and crossed over the high-level bridge countless times on her way to poetry readings, yoga classes, fine wine, and art exhibits (some of her favourite pastimes). She has even canoed along the North Saskatchewan, passing underneath Edmonton’s iconic bridge. Erika has made the High Level the subject of numerous photographs and writings, but has tried to pay special attention to it this year, as it celebrates its 100th birthday. Just imagine how much change has happened around it in that time!

On the day this photograph was taken, it was below –20 C, with icy winds whipping across the bridge.
Erika once took a course in industrial welding, but has nowhere near the skill level required to assemble such trusses as this bridge has.
Erika is currently finishing her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Alberta, where she spends her study time staring out the window of the Humanities Centre. It’s one of the best views of the High Level Bridge in the city.

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