Brainstorming With Slavo

Slavo Cech
Sculptor, Artisan Blacksmith

December 12, 2017
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The story

Here’s the abbreviated timeline of Slavo’s life:

Pre-1982: Is born, grows up, all that good stuff.

1982-1984: studies marketing at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

1985: Opens a commercial Christmas decoration manufacturing studio called Christmas Images, which he operates until he “started to get restless and a little bored with the limitations to my creativity.”

1991-1994: Studies Art and Design at the University of Alberta while still maintaining the decoration business.

Early 1990s: He starts experimenting with artistic iron work. The “right people” see it and he is contacted by several galleries to show his work.

Current day: “My studio practice is a perfect balance of sculptural work and wrought iron work.”

Have a look at his incredible work at and

Fun facts

In 1986 he pitched AGT (Alberta Government Telephones, which later became Telus) with the idea to light up the front of their building in a pattern of Christmas trees. Thirty-two+ years later the original vision remains, though now uses LED bulbs, and forms a familiar part of Edmonton’s winterscape skyline.

In 2017, he was a top 10 finalist in The Edmonton Project. His idea is to light up another building, this time projected with community sourced images using the hashtag #OneEdmonton.

He likes to cook and entertain. At home he is known as the fish whisperer. He explains: “people tend to overcook their fish.”

2006 was his busiest year. That during that calendar year, he worked 12-14 hour days and only took three days off.

He loves to travel. If he could, he would visit a gallery or museum everyday.


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