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Blending Into The Artwork With Yucel
Featuring Yucel Soykut
April 21, 2013
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

For Yucel painting comes as naturally as breathing does to other people. He’s been doing it all his life, and it’s a necessary activity for him in order to keep living. Since his childhood in Ankara, Turkey to the present time at his home in Calgary he works on his art. He builds the stretcher bars, wraps the canvas around them, and paints day and often night.

For his artwork visit

Several paintings bear the fingerprints and handiwork of his children when they were youngsters. They added their own touches when he wasn’t looking.
He turns everything he touches into art. He’s known as a Renaissance Man.
For this photo, he’s standing in front of a piece of his entitled 28. The piece is a 63″x63″ piece of Abstract Expressionism that started off in black in white before Yucel concluded that it needed color.
28 is his favorite number.
Yucel joins his two daughters (here and here), son-in-law and granddaughter in Miguelito’s Little Green Car.

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