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Blending In With Brittany
Featuring Brittany Anderson
Newly-Minted Entrepreneur
January 30, 2014
Edmonton Paintball Centre
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Brittany is the owner of Edmonton Paintball Centre. This is her first business venture. She is a proud graduate of the Alberta School of Business. She is passionate about marketing, and knows a thing or two about the energy industry. When she isn’t playing with paintballs, she spends her time with her friends and her adorable niece and nephew.

Brittany is a paintball rookie. The closest she has come to playing a game, is getting hit by a few test shots.
She is “pretty awesome” at the Nintendo 64 and PlayStation. She still knows the cheat codes for some of her favorite games.
She grew up in Leduc, Alberta.
Need her to do something for you? Bribe her with chocolate.

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