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Being Investigated By Ami
Featuring Dr. Ami Singh
Infectious Diseases Doctor
January 17, 2014
At the Edmonton STI Clinic
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

From the age of five Ami knew that she wanted to be a doctor. But she did not realize that this career path would take her from Guyana where she was born to England, where she met her husband, and then to Edmonton, where she has lived since 1991.  She also did not realize that in so doing, she would become an inadvertent syphilologist since “it’s rare to have such aspirations while growing up!”

Among her greatest achievements are her three children, Salmaan, Samina and Akil who make sure that she stays on the straight and narrow on a daily basis.
One of the hardest things she has ever done was successfully reaching Uhuru Peak, the highest peak on Mount Kilimanjaro in 2006.  She managed to avoid being overcome by altitude sickness due to the life saving measures of a friend and colleague.
Like many of us, she is convinced that the regular practice of yoga improves her physical and mental well-being.

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