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Being Dangerously Dapper With Nick
Featuring Nick Lees
Writer, Adventurer, Philanthropist
February 26, 2013
Block 1912 Cafe
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Nick was invited to leave school at the age of 16. He became a reporter and during the Swinging Sixties in London, England, he interviewed the likes of The Beatles and Bobby Kenney Sr. and covered Scotland Yard for the London Evening Standard. He jumped a cargo boat and came to Canada in 1967 and was involved in a car accident that saw him ending up broke in Edmonton with three broken ribs. He worked for the Edmonton Journal for two years before living on the beaches in Baja, California, later working as a carpenter in Vail, Colorado and then returning to the United Kingdom to work on a North Sea oil rig. He returned to Edmonton in 1976 and went on to write a column for the Edmonton Journal as Nick Danger. He drove in demolition derbies; was trapped by a blizzard on top of Mt. Logan, Canada’s highest mountain; parachuted with the Canadian Airborne; flew supersonically in fighter jets and toured under the Atlantic in a Canadian Forces submarine. He loves music, old movies, books, wine and art he can understand.

[info]Nick represented Canada in a made-for-TV Extreme Arctic Challenge that saw him ice climb, build an igloo and race a Porsche on a frozen lake.[/info] [info]He has run 55 marathons, twice qualifying for the Boston Marathon, which he has run.[/info] [info]He has raised several million dollars for charities by running, cycling and organizing dinners where the idea was to give sanity a quick uppercut to the jaw.[/info] [info]He very sportingly wore a tux to a coffee shop for this photo.  Thanks Nick![/info]

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