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Being Anesthetized By Saifee
Featuring Saifee Rashiq
Anesthesiologist, Father, Dancer
February 3, 2014
University of Alberta Hospital
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Saifee is never sure what to say when people ask him where he’s from. His heritage is the Gujarati-speaking Muslim population of Tanzania, but he was born in England and has lived in Canada for two decades. Usually, he just says “Edmonton”, which most people find confusing. Or funny. When his children were small, they’d ask him to “talk normally” with their friends’ parents, by which they meant for him to de-Anglicize his speech. Unfortunately, despite being pretty good at most other accents, his attempts at “Educated Urban Canadian” sound more like “Billy Ray Cyrus”.

He has this to say:

Giving Miguelito’s Little Green Car a general anesthetic would be a very tough proposition because of its size. Placing tubes in its blood vessels and lungs would be very difficult and if they moved even a millimeter out of place, they’d stop working. Drugs would have to be measured out precisely in fractions of a drop, while keeping the car from losing too much body heat would be another major challenge.

Saifee once fainted on a stopped chair lift at Sunshine Village, slid off, and woke up in a snowbank 50 feet below with his skis still on. If the lift had stopped 10 feet further on, he’d have landed on a pile of rocks.
Each year at the Christmas Party, he teams up with his buddy Tim Yeh to deliver a homage to the Boney M song “Rasputin” complete with faux-Russian folded-arm knee squats, but this gets a little shorter and more painful each year.

He is a proud member of Canadian Association of Medical Teams Abroad (CAMTA), an Edmonton-based volunteer humanitarian organization that goes to Ecuador every year to provide life-changing bone and joint surgery for adults and children who would not otherwise be able to afford it. This reminds him how good his own fortune is.
He estimates that he’s done over 20,000 procedures over the course of his career. So far.
The clipboard in his hands was designed by his daughter. It helps bring a touch of his home life while he’s at work.
I had to strip down and wear scrubs to the surgical suite for this photo.
His wife is also connected to Miguelito’s Little Green Car. Click here for her photo.

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