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Being a Superhero With Artur
Featuring Artur “R2” Musial
Welder (Local 488), Long-haul Trucker, Jack-of-all-trades, Modern-day Good Samaritan, Blue Collar Superhero
February 14, 2013
Edmonton, Alberta

This is what Artur has to say:

I have always taken the road less traveled — literally.  At a young age I became a long-haul trucker.  Life on the road has taught me many valuable life lessons. I believe one can really find their true nature alone on a quiet secluded patch of highway. With miles ahead of you and no one else around you have quiet moments to think and ponder life’s many mysteries. Not all roads are paved and some are dangerously slippery, just like the metaphorical roads in life. How one gets to their goals in life is like a trucker trying to make a delivery on a frozen road miles away from civilization. It is amazing how the human spirit can help overcome the most challenging obstacles. Fifteen years driving and over two million recorded miles “under my belt” have given me the opportunity to see and experience lots of our beautiful countryside. I had the privilege to touch both our oceans and all four borders of our vast country.

I hung up my keys to try my hand at a new trade of welding. I feel like a super hero with the ability to melt metal when I don my welder’s shield. I find the trade very rewarding and look forward to the many new adventures that will come with it. In the future, do not be surprised to see a few “welding rigs” with my name painted on the side of them. Who knows?  Maybe I will have them painted green to commemorate Miguelito’s Little Green Car.

I came to Canada in 1981 and have grown up in Edmonton most of my life. I have been blessed with the ability of being mechanically inclined. So if I am not trucking or welding, I am probably either fixing a project or starting one,

In my down time I enjoy “offroading” and spending time in nature’s playground. There’s nothing better than standing in the middle of a forest listening to the music of nature.

[info]Artur is known as “R2”.  Why?  People are always mispronouncing his name as Arthur, Atool, Arther, Artor, Autr.  He finally assumed the nicknamed “R2” just to make it eaier for people to say his name. Years later people that he’s met on his travels remember his nickname.[/info] [info]He was born in Bielsko-Biala, Poland.[/info] [info]For the record, I hope R2 does eventually have a fleet of welding trucks painted green as a hat tip to Miguelito’s Little Green Car.[/info]

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