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Balancing With Baby James
Featuring James Christopher Foster
Aspiring Toddler
August 10, 2014
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Born in May 2014, James is an aspiring to become a toddler. He enjoys cuddling up with a good toy, going for strolls around local ponds, and taking long naps in his swing. He is also an advocate for physical fitness, with an intense daily work out routine in his play gym.

James has mastered the art of finger grabbing, holding his own head up, and smiling, although does not feel the latter is an appropriate expression for photos yet. James’ latest discovery, his hands, follows his first major discovery, his tongue. Currently he is exploring his feet but has yet to gather any significant findings from them.

His current projects include learning to roll over and sit up, mastering eye hand coordination, and fine tuning motor control over his arms and legs. A list of his future projects include learning to crawl, moving to a diet of solids, and taking up a tots swim class.

At 10 weeks, he started sleeping through the night regularly.
At 11 weeks, James has nearly doubled his birth weight.
He has a multitude of nicknames including King James, Master James, monkey, stinker, and most notably little man.
His favorite toy is a Taggies monkey affectionately referred to as Bogey.

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