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Arguing Two Wheels Good With Joe And Aggie
Featuring Joe and Aggie Collinson
RCMP Officer (Retired), Registered Nurse (Retired)
July 3, 2013
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Aggie was brought up in a French-speaking family in the hamlet of Pickardville, Alberta until she was about 12 years old when they moved to Edmonton. She became a registered nurse.

Joe was born in 1933 and was brought home from the Chilliwack, BC hospital in a motorcycle sidecar. In 1936 his family moved to Kelowna, BC. The motorcycle theme has continued to this day. He joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and was posted to Alberta, where he had an enjoyable and interesting career.

They were married in 1958 and have five children, eight grand-children and two and 2/3 great grandchildren.
When their youngest child was 16 they began a lengthy period of motorcycle travel that has included all of North America and 20 odd countries of Europe.
The motorcycle pictured has over 650,000 km (over 400,000 miles)!
Aggie will be receiving a “Second Man Brooch” from the R.C.M.P. for a period of time when they were stationed in Fort Vermilion, Alberta.
She has spent over 350,000 miles sitting on the back of Harley’s.
She has been told many times to write a book covering her life and times with her husband.

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